Saturday, November 26, 2011

Meet the fake me

Someone I recently met said to me: you don't know your strengths and skills and you cover this up with lots of smiles. Obviously he doesn't know me at all and I can't tell him, those smiles are a cover up to how much I am bored with what you say. When some people got it all wrong and when those people think that they are always right, I let them be right and give them an additional wrong reason to be and I display some more of my bored smiles.

Listen to silence

You don't know what noise is until you have heard silence.

Come on...

I joined a conversation where some very boring people were discussing car manufacturers. Of course I had nothing at all to say on the subject matter but I was about to laugh when the topic suddenly turned into General Motors, a subject, ironically I know a lot about (if you read a previous post on that). My face suddenly lighted up, no one understood the sudden change from bored to entertained. I wasn't entertained by the discussion. It was deadly boring, but I was laughing inside at a joke between me and myself. I still didn't say anything, because I was thinking about how to sneak away unnoticed. Instead I played an episode from "Family Guy" in my head (peter addressing members of congress with come on... come on). It works. I laughed when they laughed only for a different reason. Boring people have an incredible ability to laugh at unfunny situations. Well, if everything happens for a reason, then in my case, they have been happening for a bad one.

The box we live in

When we were kids we were taught how to draw a house. I assume that most kids around the world draw houses pretty much the same way only if they were left to draw a house on their own, many of them would have drawn simple boxes on top of each other, or streets and bridges, tents, etc. They might add a window or leave out a chimney but that doesn't matter. They globalize and standardize your imagination in an irreversible way and then they tell you later in your life to 'think out of the box'!

Too late

There are moments when I think that there is no use arguing with old poeple when they can easily die before I can convince them. It is too late to argue with a soon to be "the late".


Some high profile people tend to say a lot of "I don't know" and it does sound like a very important and valuable statement.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Mr. Google

There are moments when I think that if Google was a man, I would marry him.


As soon as I manifest the slightest signs of arrogance, I flip somewhere, I do or say something stupid, reminding me to tone down my vanity.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

That awkward moment

Why is it that when I was young and whenever I was watching a movie, each time one of my parents joined, the actors start stripping and kissing...? You would be watching for over an hour with no single erotic scene, then the moment they step in the room, somehow, the actors conspire against you leaving you with raised eyebrows, a hesitant finger, and a remote control.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


There are moments when I think that a neck is not enough to hold a whole head. What kind of a support pillar is this? The head should be right between the shoulders with a pivot mechanism that allows a full rotation.

Friday, November 4, 2011

I need to unlearn some stuff

I have been doing a lot of translation lately covering all sort of subjects, from the Kalahari deserts to the manufacturing of electronic microchips, subjects I have no interest whatsoever in learning, not now not in a million years, but I ended up knowing so much (more than anyone should) and having a lot to say if ever asked about the reproductive system and behavior of the Mopane worms and everything there is to know about General Motors and its Chevrolet cars, that I wish to unlearn all of that.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Fall

I have an emotional weakness (sometimes physical) for the fall season. For some reason, it awakens in me nostalgic feelings and sets my mood to a sort of a reception mode. It is the fall rather than summer that is supposed to be the leisure time. These are the laziest months of the year, the days to curl up under a woolen blanket and dream, maybe remember. This is the season that brings back childhood memories and feelings. The sight of small kids wearing school costumes and colorful water bottles makes my stomach tickle as it did on my first day at school. The rain, the slippery streets, the crowds under umbrellas are to my eyes what music is to my ears. There is a feeling of cosiness in the sudden darkness that welcomes us earlier than we had expected. The fall is not a somber season as many people think and that feeling that you might confuse with sadness is rather charged with high voltages of innocence and peace.

Tribute to Arabic

I was thinking today that someone needs to integrate an Arabic thesaurus program in Word Document, but then I realized that some, if not most words in Arabic, have at least a hundred or more synonyms, take the word sword for example, or lion, can you imagine how the drop down list would look like? It would look funny, but if anything a source of pride for it only indicates how wealthy, accurate, abundant, and elegant the Arabic language is. So do take pride, but there is no harm in using just seif for sword and asad for lion and why use al-basita for earth? (especially after it has been proven scientifically wrong if you consider the origin of the word).