Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Genre of Prostitution

Scene at a barber shop in Beirut:
Barber: are you fucking these days?
Customer: to be honest, I can't afford it these days. 3al 2eed 2ajallak (self-hand masturbation)
Barber: look, there is a place where they charge 5,000 LL for the penis (licking it), and 2,000 LL for each egg (licking). You will be done with 7,000 only!
Customer (happy and puzzled at once): where?tell me, where?
The barber named the place.
Does this happen anywhere in the world? Is it a sign of poverty or Lebanese genius? Are those girls providing this service virgins waiting for the right lebanese man who will wait on his first night to see the blood-stained sheets?

I saw "hamam baghdadi" by Jawad Al Asadi. It is an amazing play. I fell in love with Fayez Qozaq.

Something to tell you

I finished the book ''something to tell you", by hanif Kureishi. Although I liked the book in general but I was disappointed with the ending which is so Hollywood-like.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers," said Barak Obama in his inauguration speech today. The line sounds coming from any typical Lebanese leader or politician, if not for the non-believers. Many are disappointed now. Even non-believers in Lebanon have to elect their representatives in parliament on a sectarian basis. This is the magic of it probably!

Lebanon, the Magical state

Magida al-Roumi couldn't find words the other day (Kalam al Nass, on January 1, 2009) to describe how grandiose Lebanon is. She ended up saying 'Lebanon is so special in many ways, that cannot be described in words!'. No one explains this "phenomenon" better than blogger Asa'd AbuKhalil. Click on title. She also said ''the Lebanese human being is a cedar and the cedar is a human being"!!!!

From Hanif Kureishi's "Something to Tell You"

"Just looking for a G-String to floss". I love Kureishi's witty sarcasm. His characters are always complex and disturbed à la Dostoevsky. He has a very "modern" sense of humor.

After Khalil Gibran

Pity the nation where sexual abuse is widespread and sex is a taboo.