Sunday, May 2, 2010

Elections: flash news

10: 05 Amin Gemayel's hair is still as strong as ever

10: 23 Dolly Ghanem is still as bad as ever. After thirty years of TV, she is still practicing

10:40 Tania Mehanna still reports in Lebanese dialect. Why bother to learn Arabic grammar?

11:25 Ziad Baroud is very very very serious

11: 41 Election race tightens between the Catholic list and the Maronite list in Hadath


  1. I really like Dolly Ghanim. she is so likable and natural.
    Barud is not very serious: he feigns serious. He is so ambitious that he wants to act like a serious "statesperson." I hate that word in lebanon.

  2. Natural, I agree. But professional? listen to her reading newspapers headlines!! Ziad Baroud is funny because his acting serious is so obvious. He is so weak and no one takes him seriously (especially among ISF and general security) and he chickens out easily.

  3. I really like Amine Gemayel's hair, i keep watching him just for the chance of seeing it getting messed up!!! :P
    Dolly Ghanem i don't really care about but come on give the guy a break, he's like swimming amongst sharks.

  4. Dolly is not professional, but her style is refreshingly natural. Rare in Lebanese TV, especially in the LBC.