Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our little sunday prayers and my grandma

Does watching the Christian sermon on LBC count as having attended the Sunday prayers? Is there any "fatwa" in this regard? In case it does count which I assume why it is broadcast, among other reasons of course, then the camera should stop moving around among people because that is distracting. When I was a kid I found a qoran among my father's books. This discovery was the source of fun for my sisters and cousins and I for a whole month when we used to take turns in imitating the sheikh while reading from the book. The verse of "al waswas al khannas" of which we understood not one word, was our favorite. The ceremony used to drive my grandmother mad and she would shout at us saying that this is blasphemy and that we should instead hold a christian sermon. That added additional fun because we started simulating the church prayers and my grandma would seriously start standing up and sitting back, making the cross sign, and lipsing the name of my dead grandpa. We made sure to give her a piece of bread in water at the end which she swallows piously. My grandma didn't watch LBC and I believe that our little game had no political intentions and had, much more than LBC ever would, put my grandma at peace.

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