Saturday, August 28, 2010


When you start remembering, you start forgetting, and vice versa.


  1. There are those whose power of forgetting enables them to cast into the lands of oblivion the most painful of experiences as soon as they are done with; and there are those whose memory leaves them dwelling upon the smallest of wounds, unable to either move back nor forward.

    It is the painful experiences, caught in the abysses of our memory, which echo rings with our every step, which shadow appear in our every motion. To unravel those and as such bring light and sight to the dungeons of yesterday, to light the torch and throw it into the memory's dry wood, and again face the present and the morrow with a shining new gaze and a free breath.

    Perhaps one ought to be a skillful tent-maker and an experienced traveler as to know beneath what horizon must he lay his camp and how tight must the ropes be tied to the sands.

    In any case, I enjoyed the exercise.