Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why stupid people are often happy

Take this guy for example.


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  2. "A fourth explanation for greater unhappiness among liberals is that the more people allow feelings to govern them, the less happy they will be. And the further left one goes, the more importance one attaches to feelings." One would think that happiness is happiness inasmuch as it is felt; happiness is feeling. And however the mood sways, the feeling cannot and must not be hindered. Obviously not.

    Whoever cares, whoever feels responsible for and stands in solidarity with his fellow human beings, with the earth, will be deeply troubled by all that is going on and by the depth of the apathy governing the minds of humans — he will be unhappy. Not to mention the level of angst one faces when pondering upon the eternal questions of existence and I-ness.

    This guy is a fake; he is a flue coughed by the system of which he is a connate part.

    Let this be considered for contrast: