Sunday, August 29, 2010

cooking thought

Older people often see in the positivity, vigor, revolutionary spirit, and ardor of youths a kind of stupidity. "One day you will grow up, you will mature, and you will understand how stupid you were," they would say. In fact, maturity, as commonly understood, is either a negative thing or otherwise is an attribute of the youth. When they grow up, some people don't mature, they despair.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


When you start remembering, you start forgetting, and vice versa.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

On my mind

Tears came to my eyes while sitting
For the last time, together, silent
Nostalgia, in your eyes
Nostalgia, in your silence
Oh, only if I know, Sweetheart, who's on your mind
Oh, only if I know, Sweetheart, who's on your mind

In the seaside coffee shop
I look at your hands
You sip from your cup and I sip from your eyes
You escape me, I lose you
And I can't find you
I call you, you are right next to me, and I am looking for you
I hide my face, I see you with some stranger
Oh, only if I know, Sweetheart, who's on your mind


The ring

I sit at my desk and I look at my wedding ring and I think: I was wrong to hate it. First it is circular, the shape of perfection. Second, and although I hate jewellery and I still do, but its glitter gives it a fairytale dimension. Third it is plain and simple but opens windows to imagination. It still feels weird in my hand but soon my hand would feel weird without it. Well, let's say, at the end of the day, it is better than the bindi. I was also mostly amazed when someone told me that the ring finger is the only finger which you cannot stretch on its own, it cannot act solo, it always moves with the little one next to it.

One of those mornings

Sometimes mornings are just mornings. But there are times when mornings are green, grey, or blue, others when mornings smell lavender, taste sweet or bitter. Mornings can be musical. They can be R&B or classical, Rock and Roll or Salsa. This morning is sweet bitter chocolate smelling Fairuz's "little house in Canada".

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sex and Violence

I watched recently "Natural born killers" and "Irreversible" one after the other. I liked them both and they both made me sick, literally sick. And I had this song in my head all night "Lucky there is a family guy!!!!."

Poisoned thought

An unsaid angry thought is poisonous. A said one is infectious.

That was not so long ago...

I realized recently that when I say "ten years ago, I ...", I wouldn't be referring to my childhood, not any more. Before children get to grasp the notion of time and be able to predict how long a 10 minute is and if 1 hour had already passed, they would ask you "when are we leaving?", "in 30 minutes," you would say and after 2 minutes, they ask you "is it 30 minutes already?". Somehow, you grow up and get a sense of time length, and when someone asks you how old is your father, you wouldn't raise and show him ten stretched fingers any more to mean a lot, but one day, you realize that those ten fingers wouldn't do you much and maybe you would start saying "as many hairs I have got on my head" but the truth is you would still have not yet grasped the notion of time and never will you because time also grows old, faster than you do.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I will come back to blogging soon once I have proper internet installations at my new home and once my husband (still weird to say the word) stops bringing in new interesting DVDs played on the 55 inch home theatre and sound system high tech blabla!!! It is too tempting!! Never in my life had I watched TV as I do now: I can't get my eyes off the screen even when Tiji is on and by the way Tiji is a very smart baby channel. Okay babies again: No babies until the TV is out.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


You are luckier if you were born a woman. But this comes at a price. If I were to be born again and to choose between being born a woman or a man, I would choose to be born as a woman, again. This I know for sure.