Sunday, February 13, 2011

A matter of perspective

I am thinking: The Internet technology effects are still beyond anyone to grasp. I find it hard to imagine what the next generation will be able to achieve. I see kids no older than 2 years old- I still call those babies- typing on keyboards, browsing the net, operating DVD players, and timing the Air Conditioner. The other day, my father, who still cannot grasp how Skype is even possible, was at awe when he saw a PC connected to the TV to play youtube videos on a wider screen. "I won't be surprised anymore, he said, if you make a call now using the washing machine!" that was his comment. Once he even asked if the phone I use is a camera that can make calls or a phone that can take pictures. When I told him that it is even more than that, that it is a small PC, he shook his head and said "the first time I saw an escalator, I hesitated before taking it and I was scared it will eat part of my foot." He remembers that people in his village still recount that anecdote about that man who talked to his brother in Brazil over a device called "telephone" and how people laughed at him and thought that he was crazy. The possible and the impossible are only a matter of perspective after all.

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