Thursday, June 16, 2011


I always wondered, what's home? or more precisely where is home? At times, I thought that home was not a place but a time, sometimes a person, or a thought, at others home was always here and now. My home was that spot between his shoulder and his elbow, I wrote once. Home is where you want to escape to and sometimes escape from. An ocean could be home to your eyes, a book home to your mind, and that tree behind your grandpa's house could be home to your heart. Home is always where problems seem bigger than they are but smaller than everyone else thinks. Home is that key hanging on the wall but used to open a door that no longer is there. Home is that small beach house that only exists in your dream, that you might never build but keep furnishing in your thoughts and painting and repainting its walls. This small huge planet can be your home but also that small box where you hid your teenage poems, a few memories, and your first pregnancy test. Home is always where it could have been nicer only if a little bigger, smaller, a little brighter, older, a little newer. Home is where there is always something that needs to be fixed but you never do, it keeps staring at you until you stop noticing. It is that addiction to loneliness that you call peace. For once I thought that a mattress and a pillow and that dark hallway through which my feet know their way blindly to the bathroom were home. It doesn't matter what it is or where or when and maybe who, I thought, it is where you will always go when the lights go off.


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  2. Mr Lonely, you have over 1900 followers of your blog and you are asking my advice? you say in your blog: "i do hope that one day when i am old, i am able to look back and read back my story because i know my memory will reduce as i am old." Good reason to write, pretty much why I blog, though it makes most of what I write uninteresting to everyone else! but hell with them, right? so my advice: keep it personal and dig deeper into the labyrinth that is your soul. And it doesn't matter really if it is good or bad writing as long as YOU find it worthy. I do not totally buy that myself but I find it to be a good advice.

  3. This is lovely.