Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Wine of wisdom wrote on his blog:

"I'm afraid that at some point I'll hang on to words and mistake them for life itself. The less i live the more I write - a formulae of exhaustion. I mustn't live in words; words must dwell within me."

I can't say why but these words go straight to the heart. The full post might give an answer.

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  1. To touch and be touched is what our hearts want most. Yet that is the most difficult task given that we are bred — in this age of connectivity — to stay alone and isolated, ourselves from ourselves. Here is where all unhappiness begins and here is where it shall one day end. To begin with, one must touch and be touched by one's own heart. Whoever has not experienced this in relationship with one's self cannot hope to touch and be touched by another though that may be his greatest want — and bane! This experience (of one's self) can only take place in solitude for it is there that one fathoms the depth of his isolation, faces the most frightening questions, recognizes his own limitation, beholds the mighty hand of power and tyranny as it oppresses, and begins to sow the seeds in the fields of his heart. It is there that one becomes an individual and you can tell by the look in his eyes, for the eyes reveal everything.

    It is the loneliest period in my life and yet it is by far the least isolated.