Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Al-Akhbar published today that Abdel Aziz Khoja (Saudi minister of information and former ambassador to Lebanon and much more) had a secret visit to Lebanon two days ago at night. The following day, a Fath al Islam militant escapes from Roumieh. Let's fantasize a little, why not, and yes conspiracy theories are the norms here and I dont believe in coincidences. So why not link the escape to Khoja's secret visit especially that no one knows what he was here for. Let's just consider this scenario: Syria and Saudi Arabic are in the process of correcting their relations, and of course many demands from either side would arise. Can't Taha Ahmad Suleiman be on the agenda for example? Let's consider this too: Lately, a decree was issued whereby clerics entering Roumieh prison shall not be searched. The decree was the results of pressures from some highly religious establishments (most of them are linked or have their allegience to or in Lebanese terms take orders from Saudi Arabia). So Khoja comes to Lebanon in secrecy and a Fath el Islam member is free. I am just helping out the investigation which will never get to an end and which will soon be forgotten. Yet the relations between Syria and Saudi Arabia will be cheered and embraced by all especially the US.

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