Friday, August 21, 2009

Ghassan Bin Jeddou

I just talked to Ghassan bin Jeddou of AL Jazeera on the phone. He addressed me with "ya sayyidati" (my lady) which he also uses on TV. He is an extremely polite and well mannered man. His coverage of Lebanese politics which is always very delicate and sensitive is examplary. If I ever go back to Journalism I would only want to work with him. I remember I listened to two different interviews with him on the Radio. And Bin Jeddou is famous for his eccentric choice of colors of his ties and clothes. The host asked him what are you wearing right now and he said "a purple tie that goes well with my orange belt". I have never knwon anyone who is as knowledgeable and innocent at the same time. You can feel his transparency through the screen and needless to talk about his professionalism.

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