Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am Water

I believe that according to the chinese thought or theory Wu Xing or Five Elements (the five basic elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water), I am water.
Color: Black or Blue
Season: Winter
Climate: Cold
Mental Quality: Spontaneity
Emotion: fear
Taste: salty
Life: death
Someone studying the Karma, Shakra and the like, told me some years ago that I am water. I like that! maybe that's why I like the rain? We bond?
Also, someone told me that I have a strong feeling of my shakra or something like that and that I should cultivate the feeling (and study) of my shakras. He said that I have a positive one. That was when I wore his hat for like 5 minutes and when I removed it, I had the feeling that the hat was still on my head. He then said that this is his shakra (or energy) that was stored inside the hat before I wore it and when I removed it I could feel it strongly. But doesn't this happen to everyone? If not, then I should seriously consider my shakra powers!

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