Monday, October 10, 2011


I have an irrational and genuine fear of beggars, especially the kids and the badly injured among them. I avoid them while keeping a close eye on them. I panic when they talk to me and I freeze with no idea of what the right thing to do is. Do I have beggarphobia? Think of it, what should I do? The easy way is to help them and encourage the practice. If you don’t, the answers are not too many if you do not wish to be unkind or judgmental. To try and explain your attitude is really only justifying it to yourself, and wasting their time. They would definitely prefer your unkindness to your moral speeches. Not saying anything is being oblivious to their existence and that’s rude. Smiling and cuddling them is degrading, especially if in your heart you wish they do not exist. I have tried some of these reactions, and none made me feel good. Lately, I found the best reaction to be this: run, when you glimpse them, run as fast as you can. That’s how I became beggarphobic.

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