Friday, October 7, 2011

Look at you!

Please, avoid high chignon hairstyles when you go to the movies, please. It looks great on you and all but do stop for a second in front of the mirror and consider how it fits your destination. And, if God bestowed on you the gift of tallness, and if you love the movies that much, I guess that's why there are back seats. Do sit there, please, and if you prefer hugging the screen, try to slip into the seat a little bit, please. And if you think that your fluffy hair curls are sexy and all, well, they are, and they are blocking the huge screen too. So, please. And do you really clap your hands after you watch a DVD at home? then why do you do that in cinemas? why?


  1. I was at the Beirut Film Festival usually attended by people who like culture and art, many of whom are those who wanna-seem intellectual and they come with the intellectual hair accessories!! You know, there is a certain look to being deep, what do I know!? I saw a movie at the festival and it was more like a torture session (a Japanese film called outrage, sort of an adaptation of the Godfather), after very long 10 minutes, I decided to leave, and I thought that many others will too, but it seemed that I was the only one who doesn't appreciate art, for when you cannot tell for yourself what is nice and what isn't, you tend to assume that it is you who doesn't get the point. Woody Allen has a nice saying that goes: "If a guy comes out onstage and throws up, you can always find some people who will call it art".

  2. that is funny, I think i will stop reading As'ad's blog and read yours.