Friday, October 7, 2011

Not so funny

There are moments when you say something funny and someone next to you laughs at something else, that same moment. Don't you hate that?


  1. oh i hate it!! because for a minute i think they are laughing at what i said and when i look at them i find out that they weren't listening to me in the first place!

  2. It happens more often when you are talking to someone staring at a screen! and I do this to other people too!! I hate it the most when someone says: No, I just remembered something funny, and you have to say: what was it? then they say: no no it's something silly, or they tell you about it and they don't care to ask you what was the thing you said and thought was funny. Then it becomes a total mess with, Oh! nothing, really!... the sad face... a real trauma.