Sunday, February 14, 2010

True story

He is from Hay el-Lija. She is from Hay el-Lija. They are in love. He asked her hand from her father. He refused. Three months later, she got married to her cousin. The following month, he got married. One year later, he stops a cab. There were two other male passengers and the driver. Once in, the driver picks up the conversation from where he had stopped: So, yes, as I told you, there is nothing such as a vagina keeper. The sentence caught the attention of our hero. He steps in: oh, tell me about it. I am married for almost a year now, and I have been sleeping with another woman for the past five months. But, to be honest, I never loved my wife or any other girl. I never loved anyone but her but her father stood in the way. She is married but she sleeps with me. I come to her place when her husband is at work, one time as the electrician, the other as the plumber, or just the delivery guy. It is easy. Oh, except that one time, when as I was leaving her place and taking the stairs, I stumbled into her father going up to her flat. Of course, he had seen me before and there is no way he would forget my face. I lowered my cap to hide my eyes, looked down and ran past him. Later on she told me that her father asked her who that guy was and she said, it is the delivery boy. He pointed out the resemblance to that "cockroach who dared ask for your hand". She nodded: Thank you, I was sure he resembled someone I know! She told him. Imagine, that once, I was out of units to call her. So she sent me units from her husband's phone, and I talked to her while her husband was sleeping right next to her. She even made me listen to his snoring and we laughed together on the phone.

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