Monday, January 11, 2010

Game of hypotheses

"Les hypotheses en science comme dans la vie sont toujours dangereuses" Albert Camus.
In dealing with people, analyzing situations, events, and personalities, or understanding a sequence of events or attitudes, I rely on sets of hypotheses and start weighing them according to facts. It is sort of a hobby or a game that I enjoy playing in secret and I find pride and joy in proving my hypotheses. I also rate those hypotheses as true, strong, or weak as in Hadith. Very dangerous as Camus says, those hypotheses can consume you but they can be fun too. If you are a good observer and have a good eye for people's attitudes and behavior you can take one example as your lab mouse and lay out some hypotheses such as why they act the way they do or why they have such a trait, etc. and start testing your hypotheses with time. You can go as far as understanding their childhood and acting as a psychiatrist. The less you know the person the more you are apt to success. Closeness can distort vision.

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