Thursday, January 21, 2010


"How can we enjoy sleeping if we are never aware during our sleep that we are indeed sleeping?". The quote is for my sister. Well said! You cannot enjoy sleep retroactively. That is like injecting food through your veins and depriving you of the pleasure of tasting it.

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  1. Like food, you enjoy sleep most at the beginning and at the end, especially if you are tired (analogy: hungry). At the beginning, the best moments are called in Arabic "Al-kara" or "awwal al nawm"; tastes as good as your favorite dish (not labneh) at the beginning of a meal. In the morning when you wake up, if it is a Saturday morning you dive into sleep again enjoying the sleep itself, just like the dessert after dinner or lunch. If you have work, you are pissed because you won't have dessert; just like you ate some quick food and had to skip dessert for a meeting. Throughout the sleep, you either have good dreams, or bad ones just like you have nice food or bad food (bemieh for me and labneh for you). The analogy can expanded even more, but i think this is enough.
    You've been lawyered.