Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stewie: What did you learn?

It is said that everyone learns something everyday. Even if that one does not do anything, talk to anyone, or go anywhere. That person might just learn that a bug can stand still for two hours or that his joints stiffen if he doesn't move. So what did I learn today? I learned that if you throw away from your car an unfinished and lit cigarette, a child beggar will finish it. I learned that the three European countries that hosted the World Cup but never won it are Sweeden, Switzerland, and Spain. I learned that Ahmad Doughan is still alive. I learned that shopping means buying whatever you can live without. I learned that traffic jams can happen in Lebanon for no particular reason. I learned that if you hate someone then that one certainly hates you back (I knew this since ever but I just found new people who fit in there). I learned that if you have the upper hand you dont have to trade, you use force. That stewie knows. In brief, I didn't learn much today but I learned that you think you learn a lot but it takes you a life time to know that you didn't learn much.

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