Monday, January 25, 2010

The Trial

I wonder how Kafka had the patience to write "The trial" or although to a lesser extent “The Castle”. No wonder why he hardly finished any book. I struggle nervously when reading Kafka as I struggle when listening to my grandmother moan about every single pain in her body or to her Kafkaesque way in recounting her daily moves and tasks, but I always enjoy his wit and darkness. Besides the controversial "Before the Law" parable, I particularly like Kafka's absurdism and existentialism as in the line "There are also dark moments, such as everyone has, when you think you've achieved nothing at all, when it seems that the only trials to come to a good end are those that were determined to have a good end from the start and would do so without any help, while all the others are lost despite all the running to and fro, all the effort, all the little, apparent successes that gave such joy", and his amusing style as in "A woman's hands will do many things when no-one's looking."
I will name my main character in my new book L.

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