Monday, March 1, 2010


My visit to Amman was only interesting because I brought with me and read Joe Sacco's comic book "Palestine". Aside from that I had a constant urge to throw up all along. I watched the interview of Ehud Barak with Christiane Amanpour (or Christiana as Ehud kept on calling her) under the hypocrite look of King Hussein. I rarely watch TV to watch CNN but I tend to do so in hotels to compensate. I can't find adjectives to describe Ehud Barak. Even a fanatic Zionist would be offended listening to that killer (I believe that nowadays a war criminal is by comparison a nicer adjective than a killer; it could be justified by political and sometimes nationalistic reasons, a typical criminal, that's what Ehud Barack is). Palestinian struggle for liberation becomes terrorism and indiscriminate targeting of civilians and the intentional targeting of Palestinian civilians by Israel is "defense that went out of proportion" according to that killer. His insolence went off limits to even call for revising what he calls "the rule of the game" only to mean human rights standards and international humanitarian laws so that to legalize targeting civilians when they are used as human shields according to his own judgment of what constitutes such a situation each time. I truly wanted at the moment for that to happen only to use Barak as a human (animal) shield afterwards. I had a need to throw up after watching was it not for Joe Sacco. I wish I were a cartoonist. I am not even a good photographer (not that bad though). Amman was foggy and rainy but I could see the stupid and repulsive baby face of King Abdallah that made me want to vomit again.


  1. This should have been titled On the Verge of Vomiting in Amman.

  2. That's so true but I was on the verge of vomiting and couldn't finish the sentence.

  3. this could be the new name: Almost Vomiting Blog