Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am God

A free pigeon perched today on my balcony balustrade and started mocking my caged love birds. They became suddenly agitated and I feared they would go on a hunger strike. They had been happily living in that prison when they knew no other way. I know that they would die if I set them free and they don't know that freedom can only come at a cost. I am their God and I am no different than any God in that regard. I am their occupier and I am no different than any occupier. They instill in me a great feeling of guilt whenever I look at them. I feel like a prison guard when I feed them and ashamed when I set them free in a closed room, a bigger cage. I want to give them a choice, self determination, and freedom but then they will have to die although they wont have to cover up their nakedness.


  1. interesting metaphor.

  2. Who said it is a metaphor? What if I mean it or I am truly THE GOD. How would you know? God never spoke (if he ever did) straightforwardly. He left it ambiguous.