Sunday, March 7, 2010

The truth, fair or not

Have you not met people who, at first, look to you as naturally charming and interesting and then suddenly as you would be drawn with utmost interest to their conversation, with a big smile on your face, facial expressions of contentment, and approving signs with your eyes, neck, and lips to what is being said, then suddenly that person makes a quick gesture or a certain grimace, sometimes noticeable only to you, that appalls you for no discernible reasons? That gesture or facial twist would hunt you later on and you would replay it in your head over and over to try and understand for yourself what and why it was revulsive. You might also experience a feeling of guilt afterwards, yet rewinding the scene you cannot but say to yourself: He just ruined it! I knew someone in the past whom I had liked for months until I saw him dancing. That charming guy suddenly went through a metamorphosis and in a second he looked to me as an idiot. The poor guy did nothing wrong but the look on his face, his eyes, those smart eyes I adored, the eyes that spoke to me in silence, were suddenly round and empty. What I saw in those eyes at that fraction of a second disturbed me for the whole night. I felt that I discovered something new about him, something I was never able to say what it was. I just felt betrayed by those eyes. I could not go out with him after that night.

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