Monday, March 8, 2010

Fever talk

I am very sick. I have a running nose and a fever. I am dizzy and tired. I am overworking myself at work and I am as usual assuming to do what has to be done even if I am not the one supposed to be doing it. There are two types of people at my job those who know but care less for the work or those we work with or their career (maybe they are right, who says career progress is linked to performance in the first place?) and second those who are willing to do but know nothing, and there are those who know nothing and are not willing to do and stand in the way. And I don't work in a toilet paper factory here but peoples lives. I am such a stupid workaholic. And now all I am thinking of is that I am physically tired and I need to get some sleep and that my health comes last on my list of priorities. On top, I cant stop being such a competitive and restless person always looking for riddles and difficulties, challenges that require my intelligence to analyze and solve. Something in the hard way attracts me and I am such a naive both when I believe in myself and when I lose trust.


  1. thought there were 2 types; i counted 3!

  2. That's a harsh comment against someone who has fever!