Thursday, April 15, 2010

The 90s.

I asked some young Lebanese guys in their twenties about their first encounter with internet experience in the 90s. That's what I got:

1) When internet first came home, the first words I typed were then I tried until I found the needed website:

2) Before internet, we used to share pornographic photos from magazines and circulate them among friends. We sold some too. When internet arrived, we started downloading and saving them on floppy disks, an easier way and you don't run the risk of getting caught at school. The problem however was that each picture would take hours to download fully. I would wait impatiently in front of the desktop while the picture unfolds by bits and pieces, when the boobs appear, that's when the first celebration takes place, a quiet celebration of course, then I would take a nap again before the rest appears all while your mom would be screaming from the kitchen about the soaring telephone bill. Once after waiting for long hours to see the full picture, my mom enters my room suddenly and I had to close the picture instantly. You know, when you wait impatiently and with perseverance and then as you are about to be rewarded your efforts would crumble before your eyes! That was the 90s for me.

3) In the 90s my family moved to a new apartment which was previously occupied by a French couple. There one day, my two brothers, my sister, and I found a box of VHS tapes under our parents' bed which it seems was left in the apartment by the older tenants. One of them had the title "Red Hair". We started stealing and watching them one by one. My brothers and I would watch while our younger sister would be guarding the door to cover us. I would be holding two remote control devices one to stop the porn video if someone comes suddenly in and the other to start another TV that would be screening some kids stuff. We were never busted but my parents still got the tapes.

4) I used to sell pornographic pictures on floppy disks to friends. One day, I promised a friend to drop by his house and deliver the "material". He had told me to give it to his mom and to tell her that this is the program required for our school homework. As I reached his house, a veiled woman opens the door. I gave her the floppy disk reciting what I had to say. She looked extremely happy and thanked me a thousand times for taking the effort to come to their house to make sure her son gets the program that will make him a better student. I went home that day praying for God's forgiveness.

Time: 2010. Location: Hotel in Madrid. Character: one of the guys above.
I was on a business trip to Madrid to attend a workshop. At my hotel room at night, as I was zapping through channels, I came across a paid pornographic clip. I knew that if I entered the room code, I would be charged for it and I wasn't honestly interested in watching any of that stuff at the time. But I was curious to see what that specific clip was about. I entered the code for three seconds only before I stopped it. After checking out, I discovered that the room bill had charged me for "room entertainment". I had to submit the bill to my client who had invited me to the workshop at his company's expense.


  1. Although the first day my dad "brought" the internet home, and the first page he opened for me was as a search engine, the moment he left the room, I typed in my first search: SEX.

    P.S. I've been looking for the RED Hair movie since I was 11; not that I want to see it now (I'm 29) but it would be interesting to catch a glimpse of the movie I never found :) Yeah, right (smirk)


  2. Price: 30$

    number 4

  3. Thanks for the additional info... you freaks!

  4. I can't understand how is watching porn on vhs found hidden under the bed related to internet in the 90s...