Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh... Jesus!

Thinking retroactively now that I saw how "virgin Mary" unified the Lebanese Christians and Muslims over one holiday, that of the 25th of March, to mark the day when the "virgin" got pregnant, I guess that Muslims should also from now on consider celebrating Christmas* too as a Muslim holiday. I mean they too agree that Mary got pregnant on the 25th of March, count 9 months, she would be due (according to very primitive calculations by the church) on the 25th of December. Right? and now again we have more Muslim Holidays than Christian holidays. Where is the balance? You promised us not to upset the balance. In the name of Lebanese Christians, I ask for one more Christian holiday otherwise I will be extremely frustrated.

* Some Christians believe that promoting the "X-mas" spelling of the word "Christmas" is part of a Jewish propaganda to make the occasion sound like the birth of an anonymous X). I won't fall for that and hence I use the word correctly and I insist on having one more holiday before the end of this year.

P.S. According to the church calculations (or miscalculations), Jesus was born on the first day of the 10th pregnancy month which equals 42 weeks of pregnancy! that's the limit of a normal pregnancy. But when you believe how he was conceived you would definitely not question the pregnancy period or for how long before the Lady had missed her period (the conception date is the date of sex and not that of learning about it). According to the religious version of the story, Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and said "you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name Jesus". Notice the tense of the verb "will". He did not specify when the conception will take place however the church assumed that the conception took place on that same day and very smartly counted 9 months to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
No seriously. The church decided to mark the birth of Jesus on 25 December, which pagans claim was the day on which the sun god was born. The 9-month counting was in reverse!

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