Friday, April 2, 2010

Memory mysteries

Who says that living a mental or imagined situation is not actually living it? Visions, dreams, whether during sleep or wakefulness, fantasies, and all sorts of other imaginations, often involve a physical and/or emotional feeling and thus could only mean that one is truly experiencing something. Normally, one needs a witness to their life, like the one whose role is to pinch you to make you believe, only here that role is to make you constantly believe that you exist. Yet imagined experiences are still experiences lived, and can be, if not often are, one of the best lived. One can often have memories of these imagined experiences and they could with time become indistinguishable from witnessed experiences in your memory. And we do not have two archiving memory drawers! Of course, it would be better if you could draw the line and if such experiences are in a way believable and not stemming from a previously lived life. I do have one of those memories which I cannot tell now whether truly happened or was imagined or even dreamed (I could have more of those that have been mixed in my memory in one drawer but since I am certain that they did happen in the "witnessed life" although they could equally be imagined, you will never be able to tell, neither will I). The image involves lots of balloons, the rest is for me. I know someone (not that same one) who would read this and would comment: I told you to invite me when you are having a weed circle!

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