Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mystic Eye

180$ to explore the realms of Life! You leave and you have learned a valuable lesson: Exploring the realms of life was the only thing in life that was given to me free of charge but I paid for it.


  1. yeah I noticed the non profitable organisation versus the 180$ ticket
    now here is another thing u need to do to be IN in kaslik

  2. Yes exactly: I asked a girl who lives in Kaslik, (which some Lebanese nickname "Kas" because they think it is cuter and more prestigious) so I asked this girl a typical French-y Lebanese why she is going to attend the event and she said "such events are becoming very trendy in Kaslik.C'est la mode ma Cherie!"

  3. This reminds me of a cartoon back from my college days in NJ: so this guy pays a bundle to climb up a mountain where a guru awaits. when he reaches the top you see the Guru telling him: wipe your ass from front to back. :-P

    Those idiots deserve to pay more than $180... Stupidity knows no bounds